Learn more about the PepsiCo® Flavours

To learn more about our PepsiCo® flavours, check out some common questions below.

How do I use the new PepsiCo® Flavours?

Remember to always fizz water before adding any flavour!

Each PepsiCo® flavour bottle has indicator inner lines on the cap. For 1 liter SodaStream bottle please dose to the middle inner line.

How many litres of Sparkling Water can I make with each bottle of the new PepsiCo® flavour?

Each PepsiCo® flavour bottle makes up to 9 litres of ready-to-drink beverage.

Are the new PepsiCo® Flavours sweetened?

Each flavour is sweetened differently.

Please view the ingredients label on each of the flavour pages on our site (scroll down), or refer to the nutrition information panel for more detailed information.

Do the new PepsiCo® flavour blends require refrigeration?

The PepsiCo® flavour blends do not require refrigeration (before and after first use). For other SodaStream flavours, please refer to the package label for storage guidelines.

What is the shelf life of the new PepsiCo® Flavours?

Please check the expiration date printed on the bottle cap to determine shelf life.

More questions? Contact us via email or phone at 800-763-2258.