What to do if my SodaStream Crystal™ Sparkling Water Maker is out of CO2?

Not sure if your carbonating cylinder is out of CO2? Check out the video below and follow the steps:

  • Make sure the cylinder is properly inserted in the cylinder holder:
    1. Screw the cylinder counter-clockwise while applying gentle pressure until it is firmly held in place.
    2. Do not use tools and make sure the cylinder is secured in its place.
  • If you're still not getting enough bubbles and if you don't hear a sputtering sound when you press the carbonating button, you may be out of CO2.* You can get a new cylinder at a participating retail location.

* In 2020, we upgraded the SodaStream Crystal™ Sparkling Water Maker with a new, silent valve. In these Sparkling Water Makers, it is normal to not hear a sputtering sound and is not an indication of the amount of CO2 left in the cylinder.

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