Why is my DUO not carbonating properly?

Bubble blast! Let's help you get back to bubbling:

Step 1 - Is your bottle compatible with DUO?

The DUO Sparkling Water Maker can be used with our dishwasher-safe 1L glass bottle and our regular 1L Fuse bottle. The 1L classic bottle, the 0.8L glass bottle (from the Crystal), the 0.5L bottle and My Only Bottle (0.5L) are not compatible.

Check the following compatibility chart:

If you’re using the correct bottle and still unable to carbonate, follow the below instructions for further assistance:

Step 2 - Are you out of CO2?

After pressing the carbonating button a few times, check if you see bubbles. If you don’t, you may be out of CO2. You can get a new cylinder through a participating retail location.

If you’re not out of CO2, follow the below instructions for further assistance:

Step 3 - Is your Quick Connect Cylinder properly installed?

Step 4 - Did you fill the bottle to the fill line?

Step 5 - Did you fizz the right way?

Do not carbonate if flavours were added!

To carbonate, push the carbonating button down firmly for ~2 seconds, release, and repeat.

Repeat 3 times for light fizz, 5 times for strong fizz, and more for extra strong fizz.

For more assistance, please contact us via email or phone at 1-877-436-5866.